Essential beauty

The OLIORITO formulas are authentic; the raw materials are first selected and carefully harvested and processed by artisans in small batches in our laboratories in Tuscany. OLIORITO promotes an essential beauty model, combining a vision of cosmetics as a tool for real self-care. OLIORITO oils are pure, essential, made to foster awareness, nourishment and celebration of the body and mind. Along with the ritual they let us become aware of ourselves, to create a space for discovering, refining, loving and choosing, day after day, in a constant blend of interior peace and exterior harmony.


The ritual

Brush with Losna

Do a brossage over the entire body with the LOSNA brush on dry skin, starting from your legs, making a movement from bottom to top (from the feet towards the pelvis). Continue with your arms with movements from the exterior toward interior (from hands to shoulders). Brush gently with movements that always move towards the heart and never in the opposite direction. Finish up with the abdomen, again with circular movements and then do the same procedure on the back of your body. Focus on your breathing and free your mind from all thoughts, while you free your body from all toxins.


Take a lukewarm shower, or a hot bath if you prefer, to let your skin eliminate all of the impurities released by LOSNA and open your pores so that the oils can penetrate deeper. Pat your skin dry, leaving it partly damp, this will let the oil that you apply emulsify with the water left on your body and penetrate deeply, providing better moisture.


Spread a sufficient quantity of OLIORITO oil on your body and gently massage your skin until it is completely absorbed. Each oil acts on a physical level and also more in-depth, creating sensations of well-being and harmony.


Let yourself go and enjoy taking care of yourself and discover the benefits of OLIORITO. Let the movements, scents and sensation of this ritual be nourishment for your body and mind.

Processing procedure

OLIORITO oils are made from top quality organic materials and obtained through the ancient process of maceration. The plants grow nourished by the land, sun and water and are harvested when their organoleptic properties are at their prime. Manually selected by hand, they are placed in the base oil, also organic and pure, so that they release all of their qualities. It is a magical time of exchange and blending, facilitated and reinforced by Tuscany’s sunshine, where they are exposed for the entire duration of the process. The sole standard for the duration of the maceration is nature: it varies from plant to plant, oil to oil, harvest to harvest, thus creating a unique product.

Charity program

Beauty, the type that OLIORITO promotes and is spokesperson for, is a beauty of the soul. When you know yourself completely, the desire for everyone else to have this experience becomes spontaneous and natural. The connection with all forms of life becomes clear, so it is impossible not to feel gratitude and respect for them. It is for this reason that OLIORITO decided to create a charity programme linked with “My Life Design Foundation” which disseminates and promotes a real “Happiness Education” working in various sectors such as schools, prisons, hospitals and with categories of people experiencing severe situations of psychological and environmental hardship. Because when you discover interior beauty, you understand that the well-being of others is also yours.