Brossage Brush.


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A fundamental tool for a well-being ritual that honours and enhances your beauty. Gentle, natural and ergonomic it prepares the skin to accept everything it needs. Ideal for ALL SKIN TYPES.

The Losna brush

The Losna brush is inspired by the goddess of the Moon and tides, who with her magnetism is able to move the water, bringing to light what is found below.  It is made from untreated European beech and soft natural bristles. The essential line and round shape make it practical and perfectly ergonomic for massaging your body using the brossage technique.

Recommendations for use

Brossage is a dry body brushing method which has been performed since long-forgotten times, with small circular movements which stimulate the lymphatic system and make it easier to release internal toxins.  Even on a dermatological level, brossage has a powerful effect on purification because it helps to remove impurities from the upper layer of the skin, making it more luminous and smooth.

The ritual

The OLIORITO ritual is a time for taking care of and loving ourselves. It starts with brushing the entire body, using the LOSNA brush in circular movements. Next a lukewarm shower or hot bath to eliminate impurities, and then a gentle massage with OLIORITO until it is absorbed.