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Saffron, helichrysum and lavender flowers macerated in olive oil under the sun. It is a moisturising, nourishing and calming oil. Ideal for a gentle mother/child massage or relaxing massages. To apply always after a shower or bath. It can replace nighttime facial products. It restores body and nourishment to damaged hair.


Myrrh, melissa, bitter orange flowers and vanilla macerated in hazelnut oil under the sun. It is an illuminating, anti-aging and sensual oil.  Ideal after a shower or bath, it can replace the use of alcohol-based perfume. Perfect for an enveloping massage. It moisturises and nourishes the skin deeply, softens hair and can also be used for private parts.


Extract of camphor, marjoram flowers and leaves and helichrysum macerated in hemp oil under the sun. It is a rebalancing, soothing and toning oil. Ideal for making legs feel lighter, perfect for a revitalising and draining massage or after sports. Reactivates circulation.

Recommendations for use

Apply on skin which has been patted dry and still damp, after a bath or shower, with circular and brushing movements.

The ritual

The OLIORITO ritual is a time for taking care of and loving ourselves. It starts with brushing the entire body, using the LOSNA brush in circular movements. Next a lukewarm shower or hot bath to eliminate impurities, and then a gentle massage with OLIORITO until it is absorbed.